National Deaf Netball Club Championships

 15th National Deaf Netball Club Championships 

It is with great regret we have come to a decision that the next NDNCC will not be held in Tasmania in June 2015.
The main reason we have made this decision is relating to the DNA AGM as it must be held after 1st July each financial year.
It will save us travel costs to enable all state reps to attend both NDNCC and DNA AGM. 

Please take the next 18 months as a great opportunity to recruit state deaf netball players and train hard in preparation for ADG 2016 and
as well engage in fundraising and state netball gala events which will help with your state players expenses towards ADG 2016. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Briana Beath, Vinnie Pezzimenti or Tamara Hone by email.

Thank you.